Riker Hill Elementary School Weather

At Riker Hill we believe it is only through cooperation of parents and the school that children reach their full potential. Accordingly, we invite parents to become full partners in the educational process. Opportunities for involvement abound: the Principal’s Roundtable meets monthly with a rotating membership; the HSA sponsors numerous activities that redound to the benefit of children; the School Leadership Team welcomes parental participation. Even if you remain at home, you play a vital role each day: encouraging your children to share successes and areas of frustration, asking what they learned during the day, providing assistance with homework if necessary. For its part, the Riker Hill faculty is fully committed to providing quality curriculum and instruction. We believe in the importance of communication, recognizing that it is a two-way street and that we have an obligation to facilitate access and the sharing of information and concerns. Working together we can enable children to succeed academically and socially as they progress from grade to grade on the path to middle school.